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Beauty Bay Inspired Dramatic Makeup Look


I feel like a twin of a beautiful model – HA ! I would be so lucky.

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I wanted to share with you my recent Christmas Themed Makeup Video on my Youtube Channel.  I’m bringing you my version of the recent New Queen In Town #queenbb from the Christmas 2017 Beauty Bay Makeup Advert.

If you didn’t know Beauty Bay are a UK based company who sell a variety of makeup and beauty products.  I’ve bought a few products from them before and they even have branded items at competitive prices. (I’m NOT sponsored at all – I just enjoy reppin’ good beauty websites…!)

The scene from the TV Ad opens up with a beautiful and extravagant model wearing the dramatic gold glitter black wing with a high ponytail, bold black lipstick, gold flakes, fierce highlighter and gold accessories – HOW AMAZING !

According to the Beauty Bay website they wanted to show:
Our fearless, trend-setting tribe…breaking boundaries to unleash creativity, curiosity, and chaos into the world of beauty as we know it…’

When I first saw this advert I was in awe and wanted desperately to recreate this makeup look for MY YouTube channel, especially as it’s Christmas this look would look SICK for a party / NYE evening.

…SO here it is everyone – I hope you enjoy my video and let me know your thoughts.


Zoe-QueenB (2) The Original Inspiration


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