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So I’m sure we’ve all seen a million tutorials and reviews of this palette, but hey ! I’m going to bring you my 110% honest, no holding back review on the popular Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette.

At the beginning of the video is my initial reaction to receiving this palette for my 9th Year Anniversary from my fiance – Snapchat style with my favourite filter – big teeth and a high pitched voice – if you have Snap then you’ll know exactly the filter I’m referring to

I’ve seen so many positive and negative reviews about the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette so I’ve tried to cover as much as possible to give you a well rounded review.

With as many eyeshadow shades from the palette as possible for the makeup tutorial I created a rose gold glitter cut crease with a dramatic black winged eyeliner, daring black liquid lipstick with an ombre effect from the pressed pearl shades and a full makeup coverage. PLUS I swatched EVERY eyeshadow shade which is featured at the end of the video.

What the palette contains

  • 1 Mirror (so useful for on the go looks and to have everything all in one place)
  • 8 matte shades:

Desert Sand | Musk | Eden | Amber | Oud | Amethsyt | Saffron | Blazing

  • 3 Duo Chrome Toppers

Twilight | Retrograde | Cellestial

  • 6 Pressed Pearls

Bloodmoon | Royal | Nefertiti | Cashmere | Angelic | Turkish Delight

  • 1 Pressed Glitter

Cosmo (my absolute favourite – if it’s glitter – it’s got to be on my eyelids)

For me, a lot of these colours mix so well with the others.  They are smooth, buttery and SUPER pigmented.  What I love most is that the palette is multi-functional meaning that there are SO many looks that can be achieved all in one.  The only thing I would say is that there is no black / dark shade in this palette which would be amazing for undereye looks or a deeper crease – but thinking about it that might through the palette out and remove the warm toned effect.


As of November 2017 on cultbeauty.co.uk (where the palette was bought for me back in September for my 9th Year Anniversary) it cost £56.  A high end product – defo ! But with everything it offers and the quality of each individual eyeshadow shade, the passion that’s gone into making this product – I think the pricing reflects all of this.  Sometimes it’s good to buy something that’s actually worth it.


Well, what can I say; a few words come to mind – iridescent, beautiful, shiny, warm toned and colorful.  My palette came in a box which is so useful for protecting the inner beauties of amazing colours.  I love the packaging and it really stands out from a lot of my other eyeshadow palettes – a gem in my drawer!

Overall I would rate this palette a decent 9.9/10 (due to not having a black shade – but that’s just my personal opinion)

👉THE REVIEW STARTS AT: 9:34AirBrush_20171115201904AirBrush_20171115203050AirBrush_20171115203724

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts of the palette in the comments.

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