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Tenerife Holiday Vlog 2017


Hi Everyone,

Come with us on our holiday vlog…

My fiance and I visited the beautiful Canary Island of Tenerife in June 2017 for 10 days.

 We flew with Monarch Airlines and once we’d arrived we picked up our little Red Polo rental car from Auto Reisin and our journey began.

We stayed in the town of Los Gigantes in an apartment which we’d booked through Air BnB.  I was a bit skeptical as you never know sometimes what you’re going to get – but the place was spacious and well equipped.  We’d already planned a few of our days but was looking forward to exploring the island as much as we could.

We went on a 4 hour Quad Bike Safari amongst the beautiful volcanic settings.  This was one of the best quad biking tours we’ve experienced.  We found the company online and for €88 you had the choice of having your own quad or doubling up.  We took the opportunity to have our own and truly enjoyed getting to high speeds on the windy, hair pin roads.

We visited the magnificent Mount Teide Volcano on a cable car.  It was super HIGH and I was petrified the entire 8 minute climb, but once we’d reached the top the breathtaking views left such unforgettable memories for us.  We had about 1 hour to walk around and explore the different viewing points.  One thing I would say is that the air is much thinner at the top so breathing was slightly difficult.  We wanted to visit the summit but unfortunately you needed a special license which we didn’t have, so that will be a point for next time.  

It was such an experience and the history surrounding the volcano was very interesting.

We partied like crazy in Playa De Las Americas and took advantage of the drink deals on offer.  For €10 you can get 3 double mixers, 4 shots and a large jug of any cocktail.  This was usually our starter for the night:)  We experienced the drunken world of the various clubs and stayed up until dawn (6am) in the popular Tramps NightClub.


We visited Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje taking long walks beside the beach, ate delicious food in the many amazing restaurants such as San Remo in Los Gigantes which served the biggest BBQ ribs I’ve ever seen.  The whole plate was submerged by it, my fiance ended up taking a doggy bag home and enjoyed it for breakfast the next day.  We enjoyed other meals such as like pizza, lobster and the local Spanish delicacies.


We took long drives around the amazing scenery and visited the small town of Masca which I think only had a population of about 100 people!  The windy roads to the top were so difficult to manoeuvre , but it was such a challenge and we thoroughly enjoyed it.


We lived our holiday up to the MAX!!!!

We can’t wait for our next trip away.

Hope you enjoy our Tenerife holiday as much as we did.



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