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: Makeup Tutorial: How to stop your under eye concealer from creasing


Do you want to learn how to stop your under eye concealer from creasing?

Then keep on reading!

Hi everyone – welcome back to my blog.

Have you ever applied your favourite under eye concealer and then after a few hours it starts to crease and cake up underneath your eye area and ends up looking a total mess?

You try to rub and rub it in but there’s no budge – it’s over – your eyes look so caked life isn’t worth existing anymore and the lines are now so noticeable

I’ve been here so many times and that’s why I chose to create this makeup tutorial to give you the exact tips and tricks you need to STOP this from ever happening to you again.

In this makeup tutorial I guide you through the step by step process of you how can stop your under eye concealer from creasing to end up with perfect, non-creasing under eye areas.


☞1. Make sure you prime under your eye area to create a perfect base.

☞2. When applying your foundation, avoid your under eye area to prevent too much product build up.

☞3. Ideally use a liquid creamy concealer which dries matte and doesn’t leave an oily residue.

☞4. Apply the concealer in a triangle shape underneath the eyes.

☞5. Use a DAMP sponge / beauty blender to push the concealer into the skin.

☞6. Make sure that the concealer is blended into the skin before you apply the powder.

☞7. The MAGIC is to use a translucent / coloured powder to SET your concealer and in doing this will ensure that your under eye area never cakes / creases again!


I really hope this tutorial gives you everything you need to NEVER have creasing under your eye area – ever again!

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Thanks for taking the time to read my helpful blog today – xXx


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