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My step by step guide on How to Slay a Double Cut Crease


Hi Guys,

In this video I give you a step by step guide in how to slay a double cut crease – to me, one of the hardest makeup techniques to master.

I used 1 eyeshadow palette for the entire look – the amazing Morphe 350 Palette – full of neutral matte shades perfect for creating a subtle yet extreme look.

I’ve always wanted to learn how to perfect a double cut crease and after many attempts I’ve finally managed to get it the way I like….Trust me it’s taken so long to learn the steps to try and understand how to make it just right.

I started off learning how to perfect a cut crease and managed to find my own way to achieve the double cut crease.

☞Here’s a quick preview of the steps needed to achieve a double cut crease:
🔸1.Have a good base for your lid – apply a primer.
🔸2. Set your primer.
🔸3. Apply a transition shade on your crease line.
🔸4. Create the first cut crease with a colour
🔸5. Apply a lid colour and leave a gap between your first cut crease and your lid.
🔸6. Clean up the gap to make it look sharp.
🔸7. Fill in gap with desired colour/glitter/sparkles….totally up to you.


I hope this video gives you everything you need to rock that cut crease with confidence.

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