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Progression of My Makeup Skills – My Thoughts.

Hi my WordPress Peeps,

I was up late one night and was strolling through my Instagram and saw a really old picture of my work – looking mainly at the eyeliner FAIL!

Now  I am only a self taught MUA and have been practicing my makeup skills for years and could not believe how far I’ve come in literally one year.

I’ve uploaded a lot of looks on my website and Youtube and it’ s when you look back at your work do you see the real progression.

This for me is so important. To develop my skills throughout my makeup journey is what drives me to continue. No matter how many views I get, how many people like or comment on my work – I know that I have come very far and can strongly say I have developed and feel a sense of happiness and a magical sensation inside.

I felt like I wanted to write tonight and had to share my thoughts on this. Because I’ve seen SO much on Facebook groups and on my social media – people judging other women and men about their skills, how they apply makeup – who cares  – can you do better?!

If you know within yourself, in your heart, your mind, body and soul that YOU are progressing, changing how you see makeup, how you look on the shelves and think today I’m going to experiment with colour – then you are right.

Don’t let people anchor your decisions and pull you down. Lift that up, throw it away and strive to achieve YOUR dream.

I am still in the process of this and freakin’ love that I’ m so excited for the future ahead.

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The picture below:

Top: was for Valentine’s Day 2017

Bottom: was approximately a year ago for a night out

Both are makeup looks I created on myself.  I’m actually SO proud of how far I’ve come.



Be Kind and let’s share what comes naturally !


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