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How to Colour Correct – Do’s and Don’ts Tutorial using the La Girl Proconceal Orange and Green Concealers


Hi Everyone,

Do you want to know how to colour correct those dark circles, blemishes, spots and inaccuracies on your skin?

Then check out my new video on my makeup channel “HOW TO COLOUR CORRECT- THE DO’s AND DON’TS.”

I’ve tried to explain as best I can all the tips and tricks about colour correcting using the La Girl ProConceal Orange and Green HD Concealers.  These concealers are amazing – they are super creamy, easy to apply, cost effective and perfect for making your face appear perfect and flawless.

In the video I talk about the mistakes I used to make when colour correcting and how to make sure you don’t repeat them.

One of my most embarrassing DON’Ts was that I used to use red lipstick to correct my dark circles – OMG! Never again !!! It leaves your face pink, cakey, doesn’t blend out at all and basically just a purely wrong technique to use.

Here’s a bit of ‘science’ behind what the La Girl ProConceal HD Concealers do…

The LA Girl ProConceal Orange Concealer is perfect for covering up dark circles underneath the eyes as the orange cancels out all the blue/purple pigments under the skin.

The LA Girl ProConceal Green Concealer is perfect for covering up any red areas of the skin such as spots and blemishes as the green cancels out anything red making them invisible and perfectly flawless.

I hope this video is helpful for all those of you out there who suffer with skin problems that you need covering up.




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