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Holiday Vlog | Barcelona 2016



My fiance and I visited the gorgeous city of Barcelona in July for a small getaway from everyday life. We had such a fab time – mainly coming to life at night at one of the many clubs and experiencing and exploring20160722_030354.jpg20160722_025019 the city at its finest.

There’s so much to do here from finding small streets and boutique shops to watching the world pass before your very eyes to sipping sangria and simply enjoying the amazing nightlife.

We booked via Opodo and managed to get a really good deal in July and the weather was amazingly HOT !

I’ll be adding all my holiday vlogs onto my makeup channel from now on. You also get to see me, at times, without ANY MAKEUP on – Yes – OMG – It’s true !

Enjoy my video guys and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE | LIKE and COMMENT your thoughts.

Love ya’ll



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