A Complete Guide to Makeup Brushes | Everything You Need To Know



Hi my Loves

***Want to know all about makeup brushes?***

When I was beginning to get into makeup I struggled to find the correct brushes when applying makeup – I could never find a video to help me out and used to use anything that seemed right at the time – so I thought I would bring this video to you guys to explain as much as possible – I gotta help you out, it’s a MUST – the world is NOT complete without the right makeup brush!!!

I really hope this helps you understand all you need to know.


Now for the best part – The brushes I used:

-B Finishing / Stippling
-Beauty Blender
-Real techniques Large Powder Brush / Buffer

-Real Techniques Contour Brush

-MAC 266

-Blending Brush (soft bristles)
-Real Techniques Shading Brush
-Revlon Duo Angled
-Real Techniques detail and sculpting brush

-A Fan Brush
-MAC 252

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