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New Purchase | LimeCrime Perlees Matte Lipstick | Denim

13346383_10156989532105114_8574486401602999175_o.jpgHey my loves – Welcome back.

I woke up this morning to be greeted by the postman – he knocked on the door and handed me my package.  It was like Christmas had come early.  My new lipstick package had arrived !


OMG ! This was the inside of the box – absolute perfection. – and inside sat my new purchase the LimeCrime Perlees Matte Lipstick in Denim.  I am officially so happy that I spent money on this little piece of gorgeousness.

It cost me £12.43 but with the USA P&P it brought the price up to about £20 – but it was money well spent.  I initially saw it on Instagram and I was like “Yes, I need this in my life” so decided to get online and buy it.


Obviously I had to swatch the colour.   It’s super matte with speckles of what appears to be shiny bits – but not enough to say there is glitter – it just sparkles in the light – which is so amazing.

The blue is so pigmented and actually stays on for hours which is something I needed as I can’t stand buying a new lipstick and after an hour it’s completely disappeared.

The floral packaging is out of this world ! I think it’s the only lipstick I own with such distinctive, unique packaging.  

I’m definitely going to have to buy some more of these in different colours (if I can fit them in my makeup storage).




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