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HOW TO: Create a Cut Crease using Urban Decay Palettes


Hey Ho Peeps !

This HOW TO video is all about : Creating a Cut Crease !

A tried and tested method that has taken me so many months to perfect – I went through hell at times not being able to get the right angle of the line – it was either too high or too low – and because I have HOODED EYES which sometimes are really annoying – I have to make sure that my crease line falls ABOVE where the ‘hoodyness’ begins.

I created this look with the Urban Decay Naked and Vice Palettes for the eyeshadow (my ultimate faves) and created the wing with Maybelline Matte Ink Satin Liner in black.

So here is my step by step guide on how to create a cut crease:

  1. Always start with a TRANSITION SHADE – this is a light coloured shade which acts as the transition when blending colours later on.  The first colour I went in with was Thirteen from the Naked Palette
  2. I added another transition shade: Combust : to deepen (very slightly) the colour
  3. I used a warm brown, Bitter, from the Vice palette, to add depth to the crease area which is why you MUST use a transition shade otherwise blending will become impossible.
  4. I used a darker shade to start creating the graduated blend of colours : Delete from the Naked Palette.
  5. CLEAN UP time ! So using any concealer with a flat brush – begin tracing the line to where you want to the crease to go.  It’s that simple ! The ‘cut crease’ begins to take shape.
  6. Use a light colour ( I used Harlot from the Vice palette) to pack all over the lid.
  7. Add a eyeliner, smoke under the eye, add some falses and voila – —– Cut Crease Complete——–

Click the video to watch the FULL LENGTH tutorial.  Please subscribe to my channel for weekly makeup tutorials, How To’s, Product Reviews etc.

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I hope this info helped you all to finally (if you didn’t know already) create the perfect cut crease




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