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Hi Everyone – Welcome back to my blog !

Today I have uploaded a NEW video on my channel comparing MAC Studio Finish and LA Girl ProConceal ORANGE COLOUR CORRECTORS.  To be honest this is my favourite makeup subject as unfortunately I suffer from really bad DARK CIRCLES and these 2 miracle workers actually ‘do their job.’

The MAC concealer is slightly more expensive than the LA Girl (£12 compared to £6) and takes a little longer to absorb into the eye area – the LA Girl Concealer is easier to apply and 12671936_10156478766190114_8845708120545687949_odownloadhas a really lovely applicator which allows for a smooth application.

For the FULL LENGTH comparison check out my video and let me know what you think.


color wheel labeled

I thought I would quickly explain the, what I call, science behind colour correcting.

As you can see from the colour wheel…

  • The ORANGE tones sit opposite the BLUE tones
  • Which means that when you use an ORANGE CONCEALER it neutralizes the blue pigments – the dark circles – and volia – no more Panda Syndrome !!!!

Science Complete 🙂

I really hope you enjoy my comparison video – please Subscribe to my channel for weekly uploads and share to all your family and friends – I love all your support 🙂

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See You Guys Soon xXx




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