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ColorPop Petit Four | Ultra Satin Lip | Review

Hi Lovelies,

Another review on another gorgeous piece of makeup – the ColorPop Ultra Satin Lip in the colour: Petit Four !

So – as with my life I tend to continue to buy more makeup products each month, so a few days ago I purchased this OMG lip colour from for £17.45.  Yes, when I saw the price I was like – really?  That much for a lipstick?  But I was addicted to the colour after seeing it on Instagram – and decided why not?  and pressed that ‘Buy Now’ button deep down knowing that I needed this lipgloss more than anything.  Ok, a bit extreme, but if you love makeup you’ll understand.

As soon as I put the little applicator to my lips I almost fainted in amazement.  The colour is super super poppin’ and dries in seconds.  It’s called a ‘Satin’ lip colour – but it dries matte and literally doesn’t come off.  Once it’s on – it’s on to stay.

I am a little strange – a lot of my lip makeup has the scent of sweets but this one is very plain so I was a little disappointed with that – but that’s my own personal preference so nothing to decrease the rating of this product.

I love the packaging  because you can see the colour clearly plus the applicator comes out with the perfect amount of product to apply to the lips.

So all in all – I’m so happy with this new, awesome lip colour and would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to dare to wear a new brighter lip colour – or just feels like being adventurous with colour.

Thumbs up !!! 🙂colourpop_petitfour001.jpg




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