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New Youtube Channel In Progress… | Watch This Space





I’m SUPER excited to announce that I have finally started to film Makeup Tutorials on my very own YouTube Channel – finally I have stopped saying “I’m going to start my own YouTube Channel” and am currently in the process of filming various tutorials to get this oooooooon!

My channel will contain all the elements of the makeup world that I am addicted to- including reviewing products, tutorials, Do’s and Don’ts and so much more that I haven’t even planned for yet – it’s a project, a lifestyle choice and spontaneity is the key.

Seriously, my life is crazy busy and to fit this in is absolutely a blessing!  I am SO passionate about makeup and to start this awesome channel for me is perfect – couldn’t come at a better time.

When there are a lot of negatives in life pulling you down and making you feel like giving up – replace them with that natural urge to reach a level of determination that outweighs everything else and I have found that level and for me its feels SO rewarding.

Watch this space for my channel into All Things Makeup.










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