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Review on L’Oreal Youth Code and Yves Rocher Anti-Age Serum | Night Time Routine

Yesterday was one of those long days – it was SO satisfying to come home, take off all my makeup and treat my eyes to L’Oreal Youth Code and my skin to Yves Rocher Anti-Age Serum.


The Youth Code comes in a little pot and is for under eye bags and it also hydrates my skin. The consistency easily absorbs into my skin and leaves no sticky residue – I Love It.

The Yves Rocher Serum is amazing ! Thumbs up to this – I actually got this from my fiance as a free gift for Christmas 2015.  It’s a 30ml bottle and on the Yves website it costs around £40.

It comes with a dropper – so you squeeze the top part to get some of the product in the tube and put a few drops into your hand to apply.  This is a little sticky at first – but is fast absorbing and really adds a shine to my face – I also find, as I do have fine lines on my forehead (I’m 29 – but girls we have to prepare…) that it absorbs into my lines reducing their appearance significantly.  Recommended products ! 🙂


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