My New Additions | LA Girl HD ProConcealer in Orange and StarGazer Glitter Shakers




I decided to treat myself to more, yes more, additions to my ever growing makeup collection.

I’m going to test these beauts in a few days and take a few snaps with the glitter and colour corrector.

I bought: —

👉  LA Girl HD ProConceal Colour Corrector in Orange to cover my dark circles as I am suffering from The Panda Syndrome lately :-(.  Like with my other blog on MAC Studio Finish Cream Corrector in orange – this concealer works in the same way.  Use BEFORE concealer and then apply your preferred concealer on top and — BOOM — those dark circles have disappeared >!

👉 StarGazer Glitter Shakers in Red, Blue, Black and Purple. (Can’t wait to try these awesome colours).  Plus Glitter Fix Gel to stick the glitter.

The brushes are ones that I bought ages ago – but I featured them in the photo as they can be used to apply the glitter or concealer;  A MAC 252 Brush and a Barry M Concealer Brush. 







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